Citical Evaluative Essay

Topics: Blood pressure, Qualitative research, Scientific method Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: August 13, 2013

Critical Evaluative Essay
Tammy Peacock
Kaplan University

Critical Evaluative Essay
The essay I am writing will be focusing on critiquing two studies that were conducted by two different research groups. One paper titled: “The Effects of Crossed Leg on Blood Pressure Measurement” is done as a quantitative study with the other paper titled: “The Experience of Patients Undergoing Awake Craniotomy” being a qualitative study. For each study I will be critiquing the titles, abstracts, purpose statements, problem statements, hypothesis, literature reviews and theoretical frameworks used in these studies. The first essay I will be critiquing is the paper titled: “The Effects of Crossed Leg on Blood Pressure Measurement.” The title of the study catches our attention because everyone has their blood pressure taken at one point in their life or for some it is done often. The type of study this is would be quantitative because it involves specific numbers which are the blood pressures. Blood pressures are compared when they are taken with the person’s feet on the floor and when their legs are crossed at the knees. It shows good data that is very specific to the differences and how it affects us. According to the study the abstract shows “it is clear that numerous factors influence and individual’s blood pressure measurement. However, guidelines for accurately measuring blood pressure inconsistently specify that the patient should keep feet flat on the floor.” In this study I do not feel there is a concrete problem statement. I do not feel the study shows why a team would be needed to determine the solution to the question. I think the study group was too narrow and only involved men when it could have been more precise if women were studied also. I believe the purpose statement was clear in the last paragraph which read, “According to the findings of this study, blood pressure readings may be artificially high if measured while an individual has a leg crossed...
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