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James McGaran’s Performance Evaluation
Grant Mitchell
Jack Welch Management Institute
Dr. Jane Henderson
JWMI 520
July 27, 2014
Executive Summary
Citibank’s California division is reviewing performance evaluations and bonus decisions for branch managers. In this case, James McGaran, manager of the most important branch in Los Angeles is being evaluated. (Davila, 1997). The President of Citibank California is looking for Lisa Johnson, the area manager, to provide feedback to James. Recent changes have been made to the performance evaluation system with a focus on strategic goals. A suggested approach for James feedback session and improvements to Citibank’s evaluation processes and procedures are discussed in this paper. Based on the case study, an evaluation of James McGaran has been completed and submitted with this report. (Exhibit 1).

Citibank is wanting to differentiate itself in the banking industry by focusing on relationships and a high level of service to its customers. Having a competitive advantage in the market allows companies to differentiate themselves. (Welch, 2005). So far, James McGaran has been deemed an A player at Citibank based on past performance. In fact, he was promoted within Citibank to an A position as manager of the most important branch in the Los Angeles area. Citibank recognized that it is important to have an A player like James in an A position. (Welch, JWMI 520, Lecture 2, Week 3). In the past, James received above par ratings based on the company scorecard which focused on financial measures. The new scorecard will incorporate goals and measures in 6 areas: Financial, Strategy implementation, Customer satisfaction, Control, People and Standards. The new scorecard will utilize predictive indicators to forecast a branches future performance. The new strategy is consistent with the company’s focus on a high level of customer satisfaction. Using the new scorecard system, James’ branch customer satisfaction ratings are lower than the expected target. The new scorecard provides a balance between the branch manager’s behaviors and the results. Rating people on behavior and results is a great way to evaluate people. (Welch, JWMI 520, Video 4, Week 4). An evaluation system should energize employees by focusing on these areas. (Welch, JWMI 520, Video 2, Week 4). Based on past performance and expectations, Frits felt uneasy about confronting James about his low performance in the area of customer satisfaction. James McGaran's Performance Assessment

As part of this study, a Performance Assessment for James McGaran has been completed and submitted with this paper (Exhibit 1). Following is additional performance feedback based on the new scorecard system adopted by Citibank. Financial

An above-par rating for this measure is based on an exceptional year with performance figures above target in each quarter. The branch achieved excellent results with respect to revenues, expenses and margins. Strategy Implementation

The overall rating deserves an above-par with the first quarter having a par rating but the remaining three quarters in all business segments improving. Control
This area is above-par by hitting the target in all three quarters when it was rated. People
James performance was rated above-par in all quarters. He uses a strong sense of teamwork as evidenced by high employee satisfaction scores and excellent communication skills. He gives importance to training and education to self and employees. James is pursuing an MBA and should graduate soon. Standards

James is rated at above-par and has performed with excellence in this area. He is regarded as one of the best managers of the California branches. James is dedicated to the community and has a can-do attitude that is contagious. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction measures now have a high priority at Citibank. The measure is deemed a...

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