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A recent study reported that instructors at colleges and universities are frequently required to engage in emotional labor. Identify the situations in which emotional labor is required for this job. In your opinion, is emotional labor more troublesome for college instructors or for telephone operators working at an emergency service?

Be sure to cite your sources (at least two, other than the text) in APA style. Your researched response is due Day 2. Interaction, discussion and engagement with your peers is expected throughout the week.

When it comes to emotional labor a person really needs to have the ability to control his or her emotions. When it comes to interpersonal exchanges it’s important to control what we say and do, and also have the compacity to contoll the emotions that might arise in any given situation. As Horace said, “In times of stress we must be bold and fearless”. The key is to be strong and fearless, yet open to anything.

As an instructor for college courses emotional labor is bound to expose a required time when it will need to be implemented. In today’s college environment students are more diverse in: age, race, sex, religion, family and many more social circumstances then I probably know about. In our society today it is of the essence to be careful of what and how things are communicated. These instances will come up in many different scenarios, like when a student argues a grade. The instructors must be firm with his or her grading criteria, yet open to realize that todays students have many complications in life that they need to work with.

“In times of stress, be bold and valiant.”|
Horace quotes (Ancient Roman Poet. 65 BC-8 BC)|
Similar Quotes. About: Stress quotes|
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