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Topics: Legacy system, Management, Success Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Individual case assignment:

1. At the start of the case, Cisco's information systems are failing, yet no one steps forward to lead the effort to replace them. Why is this? Why were no managers eager to take on this project?

In 1993, Cisco was running on a Unix based software package to support its business (transaction) processes from finance, manufacturing and order entry areas. This application failed to provide redundancy, reliability and maintainability that Cisco needed. Despite of many problems, Pete Solvik (CIO) was inclined to avoid ERP because The old system architecture and database met Cisco’s tradition of standardization. Solvik believed that budgetary decisions on IT expenditures be made by each functional areas and not by IT organization. He also had some concerns about ERP implementation since it would have been a huge project (a ‘mega-project’). The project would have involved enormous cost and extensive participation of Cisco business users. 2. Cisco was highly successful with its ERP effort. What accounts for this success? What were the most important things that Cisco did correctly?

Overall Cisco was highly successful in the ERP project mainly because of their decision-making abilities, diligent efforts and superior management of project. Following are the things that Cisco did correctly and accounted for the ERP project success. Cisco management realized the need to replace the legacy systems with one integrated solution to take faster decisions. They also thought it would be a better to integrate all systems into one application rather than spending separately on each legacy system project. Cisco not only involved its IT team but also involved their dedicated business community in this ERP project. Cisco chose KPMG as their integration partner (vendor) who assisted them not only with the selection but also with the implementation of ERP. KPMG also had the talented, experienced and skilled team of consultants and business...
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