CISCO 2 Chap 1

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1.Which statement is true about broadcast and collision domains? Adding a router to a network will increase the size of the collision domain. The size of the collision domain can be reduced by adding hubs to a network. The more interfaces a router has the larger the resulting broadcast domain. Adding a switch to a network will increase the size of the broadcast domain. 2. Which switching method describes a switch that transfers a frame as soon as the destination MAC address is read? fragment-free

latency forwarding
3. Which cost-effective physical network topology design is recommended when building a three-tier campus network that connects three buildings?​ bus
extended star
dual ring
4. When an appropriate switch form factor for a network is being determined, what should be selected when fault tolerance and bandwidth availability are desired but the budget is limited? stackable switch

non-stackable switch
fixed configuration switch
modular switch
5. Which option correctly describes a switching method?
cut-through: makes a forwarding decision after receiving the entire frame store-and-forward: forwards the frame immediately after examining its destination MAC address cut-through: provides the flexibility to support any mix of Ethernet speeds store-and-forward: ensures that the frame is free of physical and data-link errors 6. Which function is supplied by the access layer in a three-layer network design? high-speed connectivity

application of policies
network access
backbone connectivity
7. When the appropriate switch form factor for a network is being determined, what type of switch should be selected when future expansion is important and cost is not a limiting factor? stackable switch

1 rack unit switch
fixed configuration switch
modular switch
8. What are the three layers of the switch hierarchical design model? (Choose three.) access
data link
network access
9. Which two statements about Layer 2 Ethernet switches are true? (Choose two.) Layer 2 switches prevent broadcasts.
Layer 2 switches have multiple collision domains.
Layer 2 switches route traffic between different networks. Layer 2 switches decrease the number of broadcast domains. Layer 2 switches can send traffic based on the destination MAC address. 10. Which service is provided by an automated attendant feature on a converged network? point-to-point video

call routing
IT management interface
video conferencing
11. Which two characteristics describe a converged network? (Choose two.) decreased service calls
support of voice and video both using the same switch
separate wiring infrastructure for voice and video traffic affordability for small and medium businesses
cheaper equipment cost
What is a collapsed core in a network design?

a combination of the functionality of the distribution and core layers

What are two reasons a network administrator would segment a network with a Layer 2 switch? (Choose two.)

to enhance user bandwidth
to isolate traffic between segments

ABC, Inc. has about fifty hosts in one LAN. The administrator would like to increase the throughput of that LAN. Which device will increase the number of collision domains and thereby increase the throughput of the LAN?


What does the term “port density” represent for an Ethernet switch?

the number of available ports

Which type of transmission does a switch use when the destination MAC address is not contained in the MAC address table?


What is a basic function of the Cisco Borderless Architecture access layer?

provides access to the user
Fill in the blank.

A _________ network is one that uses the same infrastructure to carry voice, data, and video signals.


An administrator purchases new Cisco...
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