Cis516 Enterprise Network Management

Topics: Simple Network Management Protocol, Multiprotocol Label Switching, Network switch Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: December 9, 2011
Running head: WEEK 9 ASSIGNMENT

Week 9 Assignment
Diane Standish
CIS516 Enterprise Network Management


This paper will explain the security considerations regarding MIBs prevention of unauthorized access according to RFC 3813.

The MPLS Label Switch Router (LSR) MIB and MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) MIB are used to manage low and high level MPLS objects. They can also be used to create LSPs. What are the security considerations for these MIBs to prevent unauthorized access? Write half-page explanation. Use RFC 3813 ( to research the answer. According to the documentation for RFC 3813 the security considerations “there are a number of management objects defined in this MIB module with a MAX-ACCESS clause of read-write and/or read-create… considered sensitive or vulnerable in some network environments. The support for SET operations in a non-secure environment without proper protection can have a negative effect on network operations… tables and objects and their sensitivity/vulnerability… Some of the readable objects in this MIB module for example “objects with a MAX-ACCESS other than not-accessible” may be considered sensitive or vulnerable in some network environments.” Excerpt from page 55 section 11 of RFC 3813

11. Security Considerations

Clearly this Management Information Base segment is possibly instrumental for supervision of Multiprotocol Label Switching Label Switching Routers. The Management Information Base can be utilized for structure of certain objects, and everything that can be structured can be inaccurately structured, which has possibly unfortunate outcomes.

There is a collection of management objects translated in the Management Information Base faculty “with a MAX-ACCESS clause of read-write and/or read-create.” These objects are regarded as susceptible or sensitive in most “network environments. The support for SET...
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