Cis207 Week 3 Riordan Proposal

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Riordan System Proposal 2013

Team B


April 8, 2013
David Sysowksi


After careful assessment of the infrastructure and inventory systems used at Riordan Manufacturing, our team has identified these systems are outdated and unable to effectively manage the day to day processing. As a global leader in the manufacturing of plastic products, the performance and reliability of the infrastructure is crucial to the continued success and growth of your company’s operations. Therefore, our solution to uplift the infrastructure and launch of the Riordan Global Operations System (R.G.O) a new platform for supporting inventory and managing customer orders . Our system will enable your employees and customers see in real time the volume and inventory of products and track the status of orders. It is our goal and commitment to assisting you our customer to strengthen and grow globally. Our team sees opportunities in the uplift of the infrastructure to support the global operations; with geographically dispersed operations we feel the performance and reliability of the systems is crucial. Along with our uplift we are upgrading the existing inventory tracking system to RGO system. The RGO system will be designed utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM/ERP. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Customer Relationship Management program that focuses on customer records, sales, marketing, and help desk and inventory and customer order management. Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning program designed to help connect a business’s entire supply chain, make financial data available for planning and regulatory compliance, automate routine functions so employees can focus on critical tasks, help minimize the costs and complexities of administering salaries, benefits recruiting and performance management, provides greater visibility into aspects of performance factors such as profitability and potential issues, and meet industry-specific needs with functionality for upward business processes. Specific parts of the software, such as human resources (for payroll, etc.) can be added on an as-needed basis. Both titles are known as server-client applications, which are primarily an IIS-based Web application which also supports Web service interfaces, making both applications easily installable on current database driven customer and service departments. This also has the benefit of being able to tie into already used applications such as Microsoft Outlook for retrieving status and help desk requests and reports. The latest versions of both products also can tie into a company’s cloud infrastructure, allowing easier access to employees stationed at different locations throughout the world. Allow for real time data regardless of the users location. With the current expansions the current server and inventory applications have faced significant challenges with performance and accurate inventory data. The business as identified the following needs that the new system must address. First the system must be easy to access and navigate. Second, the system needs to be able to track and maintain accurate inventory counts from all facilities. Third, the system must provide the ability to place and track orders. Finally, the system must provide a secure process for customer and employees to place orders and track delivery status. Based upon our assessment our team has identified a few key business requirements for the system, as part of our solution we will work closely with your team to ensure the solution delivered will provide the functionality in a recent article by Mirakaj (2009), business requirement driving technology solutions "Decisions on business-technology investments require structured thinking about what the business wants to achieve. This clear understanding of business requirements dictates the business-technology plans and investments needed to execute the company's business...

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