CIS Midterm

Topics: Computer software, Database, Application software Pages: 11 (4441 words) Published: April 1, 2014

1.) a) Database management system is a software application that is specially designed to interact with the user, other applications and itself to capture and analyze data. The typical structure of a Database management system consists of a Data description language compiler that processes the schema definitions and also includes information such as files, data items, etc., a Query optimiser that optimizes the object code and sends it to data manager, a data manager which is the central software component that controls information, backup and recovery operations and Data Files. On the other hand computerised file processing is the process of storing and accessing content of files. Computer file system consists of a conventional operating system where the system permanently records data in various files. Also this type of system has a structural dependence which means that change of a field requires all the programs to be modified. But there are a lot of drawbacks of Computer file system due to which database system is the first preference. Data redundancy is one of them as the same information is duplicated in several files creating confusion. Redundancy further leads to Data Inconsistency where different files contain different information of a particular object, like the phone no. of a vendor is recorded differently in different files. This system also makes it difficult to update and access particular information from data files which is called Data Isolation. Another drawback is that either data is recorded as a whole or is not recorded at all, which is known as Data Atomicity. For example, while transferring $500 from X to Y, if a problem occurs, $500 might be deducted from X but not credited to Y. Simultaneous updating of same data results in inconsistent data state and this is a very difficult situation to handle which is called concurrent access anomalies. Computer file based processing system has another drawback of security as the data under this system is not secured in a proper manner and anyone can tamper the stored data. This is one of the most concerning problem under this system. In order to modify data file such as size or type of data field, the whole application program is required to be modified which is called Program Maintenance. Data sharing among multiple users is also an issue as computer file based system does not support it. Database file system overcomes all these shortcomings as it is designed to manage large volumes of information along with ensuring the safety of the stored information. This is due to the utilization of a variety of sophisticated techniques to store and retrieve data efficiently along with the separation of data structure from the application program. Backup and recovery in this system protects the valuable data from being damaged due to some failures in the system. Therefore, database approach to data resource management is needed to eliminate some of the weaknesses of the older computerized file processing method. b) A database is a set of multiprocessor computers, with a lot of memory to store large data of information. For a business, it serves an essential purpose as it is responsible for recording, saving and protecting the day-to-day information in an organised way. Database planning, development, implementation and maintenance is a lengthy and drawn out process. So in order to put this all together, there are a lot of professionals from different educational majors that are involved in setting a database. These professionals include System analysts who analyse the whole system along with database analysts who maintain data storage and access by designing databases. Programmers too are required for this process along with database administrators who are responsible for installation, configuration, up gradation, administration, maintenance and security of database in an organisation. At last system programmers, network administrators, testers and technical writers...
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