CIS 510 Quiz ch06

Topics: Application software, Computer software, Cloud computing / Pages: 15 (2326 words) / Published: Jun 8th, 2015
File: chapter6TextBank.docx, Chapter 6, Architecture and Infrastructure

Multiple Choice

1. “Reuse” is a benefit of service-oriented architecture because it supports:
a) Using sensitive data again and again
b) The breaking apart of functionality into small services that can be used by many different systems
c) Access to servers from many locations.
d) The selection of a specific computing device by each employee.
e) Reliable capacity-on-demand

Ans: b (Medium)
Response: See page 174

2. Google Maps is a web mapping service that provides street maps and directions. A Google Maps component can be added to a business’s web site to provide customers directions to the business location. This use of Google’s service by a business is an example of __________.
a) Centralized architecture
b) Decentralized architecture
c) Service-oriented architecture
d) Internet-based architecture
e) Enterprise architecture

Ans: c (Medium)
Response: See page 174

3. Valero’s growth required a change to its IT architecture. SOA was chosen by Valero because Valero:
a) Needs flexibility to efficiently integrate new applications with existing independent systems
b) Wants to eliminate the dependency on its ERP system.
c) Needs to upgrade its infrastructure components to meet the increased IT demands.
d) Believes that SOA provides the appropriate level of security it did not have with its original architecture.
e) Benefits from standardizing on the SAP suite of products and reducing its reliance on multiple vendors.

Ans: a (Medium)
Response: See page 167-168

4. The architecture that the large oil company Valero adopted enables the company to build applications from components and realize gains as a result of this flexibility. The architecture is called:
a) Centralized
b) Decentralized
c) Service-oriented
d) Internet-based
e) Mainframe

Ans: c (easy)
Response: See page 167

5. A manager must know enough about the IT architecture and IT infrastructure so that he or she can:

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