Cis 500 Exam 1

Topics: Decision making, Data warehouse, Decision support system Pages: 5 (780 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Question 1

A decision support system supports customer care employees and salespersons who need to make quick, real-time decisions. Answer

Question 2

A value proposition is an analysis of the benefits of using the specific model (tangible or intangible) in business decision making. Answer

Question 3

_______ provides routine information for planning, organizing, and controlling operations in functional areas. Answer


Question 4

IT infrastructure is concerned with hardware, software, processes, and networks. The design must be determined to be _________ Answer

all of these

Question 5

What is a Planners Lab used for?
Planners Lab is an example of software for building a DSS which is defined as tools, processes, and methods for rehearsing the future. Planners Lab is an easy-to-use model-building language with options for visualizing model output to allow managers to answer to what-if and goal-seeking questions to analyze the impacts of different assumptions. These tools enable managers and analysts to build, review, and challenge the assumptions on which their decision scenarios are based. With Planners Lab, decision makers can experiment and play with assumptions to assess multiple views of the future.

Question 6

_______ software helps manage both the internal and external relationships with business partners, usually focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. Answer

Question 7

Service level agreements are used in which cloud environment: Answer

all of these

Question 8

Data captured in a ________ is processed and stored in a database and available for use by other systems. Answer


Question 9

Network virtualization uses the power of a single massive processor to handle multiple connections in concert. Answer

Question 10

A SWOT analysis is often done at the end of the strategic planning process. Answer

Question 11

A transaction processing system is a model consisting of a set of formulas and functions that simulate business processes. Answer

Question 12

How has mobile technology influenced entrepreneurship?
Mobiles are replacing computers as the primary way to connect with public and private networks, to access digital content from anywhere at any time, and to get work done. Business professionals use their mobile devices to fulfill business needs that keep their companies running at optimal levels of productivity, performance, and profitability. This massive adoption of smart devices has created a huge base of multitasking users and a market for companies to tap and target. Touch-navigate devices running on 3G and 4G networks, combined with innovative technologies like 2D tags has created business opportunities and threats. Widespread adoption of new technology is going to disrupt the usual way business is done. Prime example is Apple created an entirely new market and changed the game for industries that were not its usual competitors—namely, music, media, and consumer electronics companies

Question 13

Subjectivity applications connect, communicate, collaborate, and do commerce on-demand, in real time and at a distance. Answer

Question 14

Commodities are basic things that companies need to function, like electricity and buildings. Answer

Question 15

Periodic reports run only when something unusual happens, whereas exception reports run on a preset schedule. Answer

Question 16

Strategic planning involves environmental scanning and prediction, or SWOT analysis for each business relative to competitors in that business market or product line. Answer


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