CIS 333 Week % Lab Assignment 4

Topics: Windows Update, Microsoft Windows, Authentication Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: February 15, 2014
 Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. Define why change control management is relevant to security operations in an organization.

Change control is a precision arrangement of managing every change made to a system. This is to ensure that no unneeded changes are done, that every change is documented, and that no service is disrupted unless absolutely necessary, and that all resources efficiently used.

2. What type of access control system uses security labels?

A LBA C Label Base Access Control

3. Describe two options you would enable in a Windows Domain password policy.

Password must meet complexity requirements
Minimum Password length

4. Where would patch management and software updates fall under in security operations and management?

Procedures/ The SA or other personnel to be the responsible authority in informing all local authorities about patches that are related to software packages included on the entire inventory of the organizations software.

Also in Procedures/ Additionally, any post-patch update distributions to the Database/Management Configuration Plan will be executed immediately after any patching has been done. 5. Is there a setting in your GPO to specify how many logon attempts will lock out an account?

Yes, The Account Lockout Threshold can be set, this policy determines the number of failed attempts to logon, before the users’ account becomes locked. Once locked, it can not be used unless it is reset by an Administrator, or until the accounts lockout duration expires. A value of up to 999 failed logon attempts can be set, or you may set the value to zero, to allow the account to never be locked out.

Name two parameters that you can set to enhance the access control to the system.

Account Policies/ Password must meet Complexity Requirements. Also in Account Policies/ Account Lockout Threshold

6. What are some password policy parameter options you...
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