CIS 210 Aissignment 1

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Assignment 1: Inventory Management

I was recently asked to design an inventory control system for my sisters clothing company. She has expressed that it is hard to keep up with the tracking and ordering of the more popular items. To design this system I am going to explain the equipment needed for implantation of a tracking and ordering system as well as provide a list of expenses that she will incur to launch the system and hopefully remain in her budget. I will also provide recommendations for maintenance of the system.

Do implement an automatic inventory control and ordering system there are going to be some hardware and software requirements. First will be a computer to run the system. This computer does not need to be high performance as its purpose is to run point of sales programs and the inventory control program. Many companies offer a computer of an acceptable power for a reasonable price (Clearly Inventory 2014). The next piece of hardware equipment that is required is a barcode scanner/reader. A simple inventory control system relies on barcodes so a barcode reader is essential. Barcodes are essential because they hold the information of the product like the name of the product and the pricing information (Barcodesinc 1994-2014).

Once the hardware is purchased for the system an inventory control software package will have to be acquired to track and order new products as needed. A popular choice for the inventory software is Quickbooks developed by intuit (intuit 2013). There is also free inventory tracking software out there such as POS Maid and inflow Inventory (PIUNIKA 2012). Another choice to set up the inventory control system is to use a service such as TallySoft which is a company that offers the software and hardware in a package.

As with any computer that access the internet virus protection is a must. There are several companies that offer virus protection such as Mcafee, Norton, and Webroot. Costs...

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