cis 207 information use

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Information Use

In today’s world, most businesses rely heavily on the use of information technology ad information systems. Corporate communication is usually dependent upon wired as well as wired networks within the company. With these networks being set up in businesses, there has been a major shift in data storage to using computers to store and transfer data instead of the traditional ways of using paperwork and hard copies. Companies can securely share information with other companies through the use of virtual private networks, called VPNs. My current occupation is very technologically driven.

My current occupation is based completely around technology and it’s use and innovation. The company contains a large area of production and workers that produces and delivers several different innovative pieces of machinery. They are involved in the production of items such as ATM machines, video rental kiosks, self-checkout registers, vending machines and other products of a similar nature. We also have a large information technology department that I am a part of to assist with servicing our products as well as providing third party support for other products from other vendors.

In our area of business, networks are extremely important to our everyday work processes. I work in the smaller of two locations, but we are all connected to the same network and have the same job duties. We have multiple computer software programs that we use to accomplish our daily tasks and also have software to connect us to the same telephone queues and networks in order to assist clients. The computer network gives us access to all of the same information and data that is used to assist us with providing support to clients and also access to internal documents that are needed. We communicate with our other team members through instant messages and email networks that are used everyday all day. Without these networks, there are times...
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