Cis 102 Assignment Security System

Topics: Computer security, Password, Physical security Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Computers benefit from having an all-in-one computer security system in different ways depending one which system you install to your computer. All-in-one computer security systems are programs that keep not only your computer safe but all of your personal information. Many of the all-in-one computer systems, such as Nortons or AVG, protect the user with their personal stuff by securing all user names and passwords. They also clean computers from virus’, spy-ware, Trojan horses, worms, bots and rootkits. These are all things that can compromise your personal information and could cause the computer user to loose a large amount of information once their computer freezes. Usually the only way clean a computer when this happens is wiping everything off the computer and starting over. No user wants to go through this. I have personally had this happen three or four times due to getting virus’ that took over the computer. Now, I prevent that all from happening again. Not only do these security systems prevent the virus’ of all sorts but it also prevents spyware. Spyware is how hackers are able to get all of your personal information to use at their own disposal. Many of the security devices do live checks on the websites that you are visiting or try to visit to make sure that they are safe and real sites. If the site is a joke or dangerous to your computer it will not allow you to visit that site or will warn you before you continue on. Having a security system such as Nortons and AVG allows the user to download and share files without worrying about contracting a virus from the person/program they are downloading from. The best thing for to me that security systems offer is the firewall. The firewall prevents live attacks on your computer while you are on it. I have had Nortons block several attacks to my computer. The only thing that is a downfall to computer security systems is that they can cost quite a bit depending on which you get and what all they cover....
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