CIS 1 Ch 11 Part 2

Topics: Relational database, Database, Relational model Pages: 3 (240 words) Published: December 4, 2014
CIS 1 – Ch. 11 Part 2 QuizName: Dron Singleton

GB: _________________

1. (1 point) A(n) _____________________________ database uses a mesh-like structure to offer the additional capacity to define many-to-many relationships. a. relational
b. hierarchical
c. network
d. distributed

2. (1 point) A(n) _____________________________ database stores data in a collection of related tables. a. Relational
b. hierarchical
c. network
d. distributed

3. (1 point) Using a spreadsheet its quite easy to create a ________________ database. a. Relational
b. hierarchical
c. flat file
d. distributed

4. (1 point) A(n) _____________________________ is a sequence of records, similar to a flat file. a. matrix
b. grid
c. table
d. structure

5. (1 point) ____________________________ is the separation of data from the programs that manipulate the data. a. Data independence
b. Data segregation
c. Data cohesion
d. Data integrity

6. (1 point) A(n) _____________________________ is a database stored on several computers or multiple networks. a. Relational
b. hierarchical
c. network
d. distributed

7. (1 point) Dynamic Web publishing relies on a program or script called a(n) _________________________. a. Server-side programming
b. ActiveX
c. JavaScript
d. Front-side programming

8. (1 point) _____________________ is a markup language that allows field tags, data, and tables to be incorporated into a web document. a. DML
b. XML
d. FTP

9. (1 point) _________________________ refers to the arrangement of fields, tables, and relationships in a database. a. Database flow
b. Database structure
c. Database relations
d. Database organization

10. (1 point) A(n) _____________________________ is a field that contains data unique to a record. a. short number
b. long number
c. primary key
d. MD5 key
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