Circumstance Film

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Gandolf da Grey
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Circumstance Film

In the film Circumstance, it is apparent that Iran’s culture is greatly different than our own. This can be seen through a modernism lens point on Iran’s subculture of sex, partying, and drugs. Iranian citizens are forced into underground communities, quite literally, in order to express their true sexualities and gender. This is enforced by Iran’s morality police, often shutting down underground events and using violent acts to prosecute those who are caught. An analysis of modernism is key to understanding how sexuality is displayed and portrayed in other cultures, which reveals how young natives risk arrests and their futures by experimenting with sex, drugs, and defiance, a rebellion against authority, thought to be a product of their own parents rebellion.

Modernism is seen in Circumstance in a dual-light, as Iran’s culture is very traditional in the viewpoints of homosexuality and queer, while Iran’s subculture is almost opposite, with a forced underground community, caused from Iran’s morality police and strict government system. This subculture can be seen throughout the film with parties and raves Atafeh and Shireen attend, while participating in drugs and sex. Because Iran’s culture is traditional, the plot also revolves around how woman are treated as second-class citizens. This can bee seen in multiple scenes, with a variety of male characters. A couple examples are when the family goes to the beach and the women are unable to swim with the men because of traditional laws prohibiting women and men to undress in front of each other, as well as when Mehran says Shireen is not allowed to sing, saying “You control your daughter, I’ll control my wife”. Women are often still seen as housekeepers, as only women family members doing housely chores. This relates to modernism in the film because modernism is only seen through Iran’s subculture and not it’s societal culture. While modernism is a norm for...
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