Circumcision: Taboo or Protective Measure?

Topics: Circumcision, Penis, Foreskin Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: April 2, 2009
If coming to an agreement on what to name the baby can be an ordeal for many couples, how long would it take to decide whether or not you want your newborn baby to be circumcised? This procedure is not new to medical care, actually circumcision dates back to ancient Egypt in 2300 B.C., yet every year new controversies and studies arise that leaves one wondering if it is the right choice. Robert Darby’s article, “The sorcerer’s apprentice: why can’t we stop circumcising boys?” challenges the practice through a collection of observations and cross cultural analysis that present circumcision as both a health threat and ethical stigma. However, may it be because of generation based differences or family upbringing, my own views on the subject differs from Darby’s. I believe circumcision can contribute to various medical benefits, is simply a victim of a bad rap, and can result in a better sex life. For all the advancements the medical field has made over the years, Darby’s argument takes an outdated view on a rising practice.

To begin with, one thing that stands out to me from this article is the multiple times Darby mentions that circumcision will not lead to superior health benefits. Sure, an uncircumcised penis that is properly cleaned can be maintained free of infections. But try having a seven year-old practice proper daily hygiene, the task is just not that easy. Young boys may frequently forget or just purposely skip the task in order to avoid it. For one, circumcision eliminates the build up of smegma and prevents foreskin infections that often occur through childhood. “Research [also] indicates that, during the first year of life, an uncircumcised male infant has at most about a one in 100 chance of contracting a UTI, compared with a one in 1,000 chance of a UTI in a circumcised male infant” (BNET). As HIV research continues to grow, findings linking circumcision to HIV prevention also arise. For example, “the Wall Street Journal showed that circumcision...
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