Circuits 1 Lab Formal Project

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The following experiment confirms the validity of the Superposition Theorem. In the experiment in order to acquire the results by means of mathematically deriving them, one must use not only the Superposition Theorem but also Nodal Analysis and Current Division to get the same results as getting them experimentally.


The idea behind the Superposition Theorem is that in a circuit that contains several independent sources, one wants to know the effects of a particular independent source acting alone. Basically the idea is to deactivate one all sources but one and calculated desired output values, then move on to the next source investigating the effects of each. Once you gather all these output values (current and voltage) you add them up and they should give you the same values as those measured through experimentation (DeCarlo, p. 121). Throughout the implementation of this idea of deactivating sources one uses previous methods of finding voltages and currents, such as: Node Voltage Method, Mesh Current Method, Current and Voltage Division, and Kirchoff's Current and Voltage Laws.


ØPower Supply (Serial#)
ØDigital Multimeter
ØCircuit Board
ØResistors, Wires


1.Set up circuit as follows:


2. Calculate by Superposition the voltage between terminals A and B.

3.Calculate by Superposition the current flowing from terminals A to B.

4.Calculate the power dissipated in the 10kW.


Voltage and Current Measured Values

By deactivating the 12V power source and replacing it by a wire I got:

V5V = 2.0 Volts

I5V = 0.20 mA

By deactivating the 5V power source, replacing it by a wire, and in turn restoring the 12V source I got:

V12V = -2.4 Volts

I12V = -0.24 mA

By leaving both power sources...
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