Circuit Training

Topics: Obesity, Physical exercise, Muscle Pages: 4 (465 words) Published: October 8, 1999
From reducing risk of heart attack to simply

providing more energy, weight training plays an

important role in one's life. One very popular method

of weight training is to increase mobility and build

strength and stamina. This method is known as circuit


Circuit training has been around for decades and

offers a wide variety of applications and benefits.

This workout is performed both mentally and

physically. The weight training participant performs

one set of an exercise then immediately performs a

set of another exercise in succession without rest;

one right after another. Exercise can be sequenced in

a variety of combinations, which isolate single

muscles, a group of muscles, or total body training.

Since muscles can only contract for long periods of

time when sufficient amounts of oxygen are available,

mental focus during circuit training is directed

towards the heart and lungs, as opposed just the

muscles during conventional training. The

cardiovascular and respiratory systems feed our

working muscles with oxygen filled blood that is

eventually fueled by body fat.

During conventional training the focus isn't on the

heart and lungs because the cardio/respiratory

system rests between exercises, allowing the ATP to

LA cycle to be the energy supplier. (This cycle must

be depleted in order for the body to burn fat). By

performing circuit training, you don't give your heart

or lungs a chance to relax, which keeps the ATP to

LA cycle depleted. In addition to increasing heart and

lung conditioning, enhancing your ability to use

oxygen, ad burning fat, impressive muscular shape

and strength gains will result from doing any

circuit-training workout.

Research studies consistently show that leans body

mass increases with a course of circuit training. A

1-3.2 kg gain in lean body mass can be expected with

a consequent decrease in...
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