Circle of life

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Circle of life
Shamika Starks
Grand Canyon University
World Religions
INT- 244
Kenneth Rick
October 20, 2013

Circle of Life

When you hear the title “Circle of Life” It brings so much to mind. The way that Elk’s quoted the power of the circle and how it works, allows you to place things in a better perspective. This phrase has a lot of meaning and comes from something that holds value in today’s society. One of the biggest hit movies The Lion King and also knowing that this phrase was used by Black Elk’s, a man who belongs to the Oglala branch of Lakota Sioux. Elk’s was known as the medicine man and healer within his tribe. Elk’s had visualization when he was a child that he was taken to the Grandfathers and was visited by the Thunder Beings. (Wikipedia, 2013) This vision allowed him to get in touch with his greater side. This is where he realized he was able to help heal his people. In this vision it shows the circle of life because Elk’s saw himself in the center of the earth. With that vision I could imagine what the world has to offer, being surrounded by beauty. Every vision takes him back to when he was a little boy. He was able to separate the difference between Lakota religion and Christianity, but yet they shared so many similarities. Our religious worldview and the perception of it is how we view things. I have read on the religion of Native Americans. The control of the universe in Native Americans eyes is not from one of the Supreme God, but has a pattern of Islam or Judaism and one of the religions. The reality of it all is known that we all have different beliefs, being able to express what you belief and to live by it. Native Americans have been known to think of the high God or Great Spirit as a personal God. (Hall, 2012) With Native Americans all nature is alive with spirit. There are different kinds of spirits to the Native Americans. Nature, animal, and plants have these spirits. Some may...

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Religions of the world. (12th ed., p. 73). United States: Pearson Education, Inc.
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