Circle of Friends

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Herrick Hernandez
Professor Ellen Six
Religion 3132
6 September 2012
Today Is like Yesterday
I just watched a wonderful movie called Circle of friends. The movie was based in Ireland in the 1950s. A place in time that was strongly influenced by the church. The movie pictured many ideals that still exist today, and at the same time I can definitely see how women are still in the same situation. There were three main girls that the film revolved around and showed the challenges of how their religion, culture, sexuality, and sex would clash.

Like the girls of today, women are taught to keep themselves respectful by not giving themselves up to just any guy. In the movie the Catholic Church was the source of their morals and virtue, it was how the girls embedded to not fornicate unless they were married and ready to have a baby. In today’s society the essence of that idea is still intact, but because of the variable beliefs and religion, we can’t just point out one responsible factor or that it’s because of their spiritual belief. However, girls still do want it for love, a special someone, and to keep their status away from being called a “slut” or “whore”.

Nan was the girl that was involved with the older and wealthy man Simon Westward, who’s action ultimately got her pregnant. I was so shocked that she went that route because of my expectation that Ireland was a closed off society that was heavily Catholic base. Even more so since, it took place in the 1950s. Plus her family didn’t come from making a lot of money, so I really figured that she would be more responsible and try to make the most out of the college education she was receiving. In today’s society that is actually a more common occurrence. Teen pregnancy rates have definitely gone down in the last decade, but they still continue to affect our community. Our society has definitely given the religious emphasis a break compared to before because not everyone in America is the same religion....
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