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Assessment 2: Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR

Activity A:
1-Main Product and Service
Dolphin Energy is a company that provides production and processing of Natural Gas from Upstream Qatar and then transfers the processed gas through subsea pipelines to UAE and Oman. 2-Our Customers

Our company deals with different customers. Our main customers are in the UAE and Oman which are ASWEC (Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company), DUSUP (Dubai Supply Authority), and OOC (Oman Oil Company). 3-Organization Goal

The company's purpose is to produce, process and supply the customer with natural gas from Upstream Qatar to UAE and Qatar for twenty five years. The company's goal is to be a trustable provider for clean gas in a socially responsible manner. 4-External Factors

There are some external factors that might have a significant impact on the company, those factors are: - Political discrepancy: as we are a company that has an agreement with Qatar government for the supply of natural gas, it is important to keep our good relation with the country to continue the business. - new source of energy: Dolphin Energy is a company that supplies gas to the customers, in case of finding any replaceable source of energy for gas that is less costly and has no impact to the environment, our company will shut down and loses its business. - Price changes: if the prices of the equipment used in the operation escalated, the price of our product will increase. - New competitor: another external factor that would affect the company is if there is a new company of gas joining the market. Such competitors will affect our market price, it will have an effect on our manpower costs, people will compare the quality of the product produced, etc. 5- How the business is structured:

Dolphin Energy has so many functions that plays important role in the organization. Below, I will be explaining only four functions. Our company’s structure is considered functional structure because it has similar connected activities that are grouped together in departments. FunctionDiscretion

Corporate CommunicationsDolphin’s corporate communications department handles all communication undertaken by the company to all its publics or stakeholders. Strategic and Corporate PlanningIt is responsible for all economic and corporate planning duties at Dolphin Energy. QHSEIt is responsible about the quality of the products, the health of the employees, the safety of the working area, and making sure they are taking good care for environmental issues. Human Resources They offer services to their employees in Talent Management, recruitment, policy, compensation, employee relation, training, and office management.

6- Different functions working together:
Dolphin Energy works with different departments very closely in order to make sure everything is going smoothly. One of our main functions in the organization is operation, the operation works closely with different departments to ensure they are meeting their objective. For example, operation works with human resources to recruit quality employees that have all the required qualifications skills that are needed for technical skills. Moreover, when an employee joins the company, operation department will want their new joiners to undertake some kind of trainings to enable them have the needed skills to operate in the field. Quality, health, safety and environment department as well works with other functions to reach their goals. QHSE facilitates everything that is necessary in the operational area to ensure that the employees are working in a safe environment to minimize all the risks that might occur during the operation. QHSE will also make sure that our equipments and machines do not harm the marine habitat and cause and eruption or pollution. Furthermore, QHSE wants to educate the employees about some safety matters and they co op with the training department to implement such trainings. 7-...
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