Cinematic Elements of K-Pax Opening Sequence

Topics: Light, Sunlight, The Shadow Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: November 30, 2005
The opening sequence of K-PAX begins with an instrumental melody and a black screen. The first image that appears is of a spec of blurred light. The spec of light is similar to the haze one may see around a street lamp. The camera is close-up and blurred. The image is kept on for 3 seconds and then the camera fades out and back into another blurred image of light with dark contrasts. The dark contrasts appear to be blurred shadows. The images transitionally fade in and out in two to three second intervals. The sound begins to pick up beat. The momentum of the music increases as movement begins. The camera zooms out, as it fades out from one image and into the next. The images are continuously blurry, become larger and are a bit more apparent that they are of people.

The camera suddenly shifts to an overhead long shot. At this point the viewer begins to recognize the blurred images as people walking about a room. The musical score has allowed some of the sound from the room to mix into the melody. The sound of various people talking at once and of an intercom system with a person speaking loudly becomes apparent. One cannot make out what the person over the intercom is saying. There is no single conversation that is recognizable. There is just the sound of multiple conversations being merged into the melody of instrumental music. The sound, together with the people walking about quickly, allows the viewer to interpret the location as a type of public place.

The blurred images suddenly come into focus. It is now evident as people walk about the screen that this is the lobby of a bus or train terminal. The camera cuts to a view of an iron-gate window. In the center of the window is a circle of sunlight. Gradually, the sunlight enhances through the window. The beam of light begins to brighten, as if a cloud were passing by and allowing the suns natural rays of light to shine through.

The camera angle changes to a side view. There...
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