Cindy Jacson Critical Review

Topics: Barbie, Fashion doll, Physical attractiveness Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Self-concept is the perception or beliefs about one’s self. This can also be called one’s identity, who the person is and how they behave. It also determines who a person is in relation to others. On the website, a story was told that a boy approached Cindy as a child and said bad things to her about her smile. This bogged Cindy’s self-esteem down further than it already was. Cindy viewed herself as unattractive and she had a very low self-concept. As a child, she did not like her identity and could not compile words about herself that were positive. This all affected her social skills in a negative fashion as well as keep her self-concept at an all time low. She wanted to be recognized by the public, therefore as she grew older her self-concept changed a little bit. Cindy became very determined to make herself attractive. This led Cindy to undergo 52 different plastic surgeries (Cindy Jackson’s Website); this greatly raised her self-concept and made a positive impact on her social well-being as well. Stereotype-Physical Attractiveness

Through psychology, the definition of this term is that those who are physically attractive have traits that are deemed socially desirable. Research has shown that many people believe that if they are physically attractive that they are most likely to also be very outgoing, happier, and more likely to be successful. This shows a positive feedback through social circumstances as well, for example, if you are attractive you will have more friends and have an easier time talking to new people (Myers, 2010). Although, I believe that if you feel like you are attractive, you are promoted to be more outgoing because of confidence. On the other hand, I don’t personally believe that people should alter themselves to feel good, it should come with your environment. Cindy Jackson was interviewed after her 52 surgeries. She told the interviewers that she had more attention from men since she had her surgery. She was more...

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