Cinderella Man Movie Essay

Topics: Great Depression, Business cycle, Cinderella Man Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Essay Cinderella Man Movie
The movie is about James J Braddock who rises from a poor, unsuccessful boxer to the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. The move is in the time period around the American Great Depression. Braddock's character represents the ups and downs of the United States at that time. He struggles what most Americans lived at the time of the Great Depression, see their everyday battle for food, jobs, shelter. Braddock and his family bad very strong needs because they didn’t have enough money to buy food or to pay the bills. So the movie and what we see in class have in common that on the movie they are facing an economic crisis that has ups and downs; these ups and downs are called economic fluctuations. They also had no give up some things like buying clothes or toys in order to have more money and buy food or medicines and that is called opportunity cost.

Also in the beginning of the movie Braddock was living in a good house, had stocks and he was earning good money as a boxer. But then the Stock market broke, Braddock's and his family's life drastically changed. He not only lost all his investments but because of his physical injuries Braddock could not fight in the ring any longer. His boxing license was revoked and he was forced to try to find another job, which was almost impossible at the time. The Depression had tremendous social and psychological impact on most people. When Braddock's son stole meat from the butcher Braddock returned the meat to the store and explained it to his son that he cannot steal, no matter what. Braddock showed that his moral values did not change even when he and his family was starving, he still had the strength to remain honest. Not only his morals remained intact during the very difficult times, but also his family life was surprisingly just as good if not better as during the good times His children and his wife were always waiting for him at the door after each. And at the end of the movie he...
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