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1.1Background of CIMB Group
CIMB Group is Malaysia’s second largest financial services provider which is listed on Bursa Malaysia through Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Berhad (BCHB).In 2004, they began the process of creating a strong and competitive universal bank anchored by Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB), the region’s largest investment bank. Leveraging on our brand and management, the company undertook four strategic acquisitions worth RM12.8 billion: •To customers, we want to be your bank of choice

To employees, we want to be your preferred employer
To shareholders, we want to be the bank that you accord the highest premium The companies have also recently announced an internal reorganization of BCHB to consolidate BCHB’s insurance and Indonesian banking operations into CIMB Group.In just 2 years, CIMB transformed itself from Malaysia’s no. 1 investment bank into a regional universal banking group. CIMB Group has grown from staff strength of 1,000 in Malaysia to 20,000 in 12 countries while our market capitalization has increased from RM6.3 billion to RM19.5 billion. The Group’s total assets grew from RM14.7 billion to RM155 billion with a further RM18 billion being third party funds under management. The company believes that customers want comprehensive and seamless service which meets the entire spectrum of their financial needs. Hence CIMB Group now has a full range of financial products and services, both conventional and Islamic, enabling us to serve everyone. The customers come from all walks of life in Malaysia as well as throughout the region which are large regional corporations, domestic listed companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, high-net worth individuals, pensioners and children. The company also connects to their customers through three brand entities which are CIMB (investment bank), CIMB Bank (consumer bank) and CIMB Islamic (which operates as comprehensive parallel bank within the Group). They have new tagline “Forward Banking” conveys the business philosophy and brand promise of their new universal bank to create value for their customers through forward thinking.


The objectives or goal for CIMB Group is to create value by enabling our people to serve the needs of our clients, and doing this with integrity. Our primary focus is the customer. At CIMB, we are in the business of creating value for our clients. In additions, it aims to initiate efforts to normalize its leverage and capital structure to bring CIMB Group more in line with its competitors in the banking sector. CIMB Group also strives to attain world-class standard in terms of service levels and costs and productivity. Its focus is on improving quality and efficiency, and CIMB Group also can exploit their brand and corporate image to convince the customer to invest in their company


CIMB's success stems from its ability to create value. We create value by enabling our people to serve the needs of our clients, and doing this with integrity. Our primary focus is the customer. At CIMB, we are in the business of creating value for our clients. By thoroughly understanding their needs, we are able to create solutions and answers for them. One of the best ways in which we serve our customers is by thinking forward: looking and planning ahead, innovating new methods and solutions, even anticipating and seeing future needs and hidden opportunities before others are even aware of them. We call this Forward Banking. Besides that, underlying everything is the honesty and transparency that defines the CIMB way. Our clients know that we always put their interests first. Our unwavering integrity is what enables them to entrust their business to us with confidence.


The CIMB Group brand architecture differentiates by color, enabling customers to identify the service offering best suited...
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