Topics: Tobacco, Smoking, Nicotine Pages: 4 (818 words) Published: February 1, 2015
Andrew Shin
10 June 2014
Cigarette use in America: Right vs. Rights
Say someone was to present you with a question: would you like to intake poisonous, addictive, cancer-causing smoke into your lungs, with practically no redeeming benefits? While this should be an absolute no, cigarettes are confusingly popular among all age groups, ethnicities, and locations. Despite all the glaring and oft-spoken health detriments, cigarettes are so often used that the cigarette industry has now blossomed into a reliable source of consistent income for the national economy. This, perhaps, is the most and only logical reasoning behind the lasting of the cigarette industry. However as the product develops and more information is exposed to the public, calls to end the public distribution of cigarettes have grown louder and spread into the world of politics more and more prominently (Stobbe). In order to help improve the health of people and to abide by moral standards, cigarettes should be illegalized.

When cigarettes were first introduced, they became extremely popular, primarily due to the addictive traits of the chemicals in the smoke. However, this had been a time before further research revealed an astounding number of other harmful chemicals within each cigarette, including components found in rat poison and house cleaning agents. Furthermore, not many had known of the existence of tar and nicotine, which cigarettes are known to create and contain a lot of, respectively. Tar build up is now commonly known to be a leading cause of health problems in cigarette users, and nicotine is known as the addictive, artery-sealing leading component in cigarettes. Even further than the harm being done to smokers, second-hand smoke is also an absurdly active health problem. The effects of second hand smoke are exemplified by the fact that the damage done by this source is done to non-smokers, punishing those who chose not to use cigarettes. Banning cigarette...
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