Cigarette Smoking

Topics: Nicotine, Cigarette, Tobacco smoking Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: June 21, 2013
(petrol additive)A colourless cyclic hydrocarbon obtained from coal and petroleum, used as a solvent in fuel and in chemical manufacture - and contained in cigarette smoke. •A It known carcinogen associated with leukaemia.

(embalming fluid)A colourless liquid, highly poisonous, used to preserve dead bodies - also found in cigarette smoke. •Known to cause cancer, respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal problems. Ammonia

(toilet cleaner)Used as a flavouring, frees nicotine from tobacco turning it into a gas •Often found in dry cleaning fluids.
(nail polish remover)Fragrant volatile liquid ketone, used as a solvent, for example, nail polish remover •Found in cigarette smoke.
TarParticulate matter drawn into lungs when you inhale on a lighted cigarette. Once inhaled, smoke condenses and about 70 per cent of the tar in the smoke is deposited in the smoker's lungs. Nicotine

(insecticide/addictive drug)One of the most addictive substances known to man, a powerful and fast-acting medical and non-medical poison. •This is the chemical which causes addiction.
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
(car exhaust fumes)An odourless, tasteless and poisonous gas, rapidly fatal in large amounts •The same gas that comes out of car exhausts
The main gas in cigarette smoke, formed when the cigarette is lit OthersArsenic (rat poison)
Hydrogen Cyanide (gas chamber poison)

Lungs is used mainly to purify the air that we take in from the environment. The smoke that comes from the Cigarette damages the hairs on the lungs which purify the air from dust, germs and other harmful elements. The damage of the lung hair causes impure and harmful elements to pass without being filtered and causes infection and also lung cancer. 2) Heart:

The heart and the lungs are the main organs that bear the maximum damage from smoking. Smokingincreases the chance of a heart...
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