Cigarette Ban

Topics: Smoking, Cigarette, Tobacco Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Nigel LeNoir
English 102
Smoking Should Be Made Illegal
This year alone, cigarettes will kill over 420,000 Americans. Many more will suffer from cancer and circulatory and respiratory diseases. These horrible diseases were known to originate from cigarettes for years. Nicotine, the main chemical found in cigarettes, is highly addictive, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Even though the smokers are well aware of the risks, they continue to do it because it’s so addicting. Although smokers suffer from cigarettes, they’re not the only ones who fill the effects of it. According to Stanton Glantz, he estimates that the amount of second hand smoke inhaled by non-smokers is equal to one cigarette smoked per day. Even that little amount of smoke can damage a person’s heart. Other research has also come to the conclusion that pregnant women who smoke caused the deaths of over 5,000 babies and 115,000 miscarriages. Opponents to the banning of cigarettes argue that it will create a profound negative impact on the economy. For many years, cigarettes have been known to cause cancer, emphysema, and other terrible diseases. With all the other causes of preventable deaths, i.e. alcohol, drugs, AIDS, suicide, fires, motor accidents, and guns, cigarettes account for more preventable deaths than all of these combined. We shouldn’t stand aside and watch people die because they smoke cigarettes. Countless numbers of smokers try to quit, but they can’t because of the physiological dependence they develop. Since cigarettes contain nicotine, it makes it really hard for smoker to quit, even though they see all the health warnings about smoking. David Kesslar of the Food and Drug Administration says in a letter to an antismoking coalition “...cigarette manufacturers may intend that their products contain nicotine to satisfy an addiction...Although technology to remove nicotine from [cigarettes] was developed years ago cigarette manufacturers shun it. Instead...
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