CIF Spirit of Sport Award essay

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CIF Spirit of Sport Award
Entering high school I was faced with the adversity and turmoil of my parent’s separating and getting a divorce. It was then and remains the hardest part of my life. Fortunately, the turbulence at home has been offset by the inspiration I’ve gained from playing basketball. Though it’s not common for freshmen to play on a varsity team, that opportunity came to me at a time when I needed it the most. It was eye-opening to me to see the more advanced level of play compared to “muddle” school basketball. I was so amazed at my first practice that I asked one of the more experienced players how I’d be able to compete with them. The answer soon became very clear to me: work harder. One day at practice the coach announced to the whole team that I was the hardest working player out there; I began to feel that it was paying off. I started in the next game and realized all my hard work and determination were succeeding and I was indeed making great progress despite being new to the higher level of play. Realizing how hard work and determination eventually leads to good things, I told myself that I will never ease up. When you’re determined to accomplish a goal, you have to work hard and never stop trying until you accomplish that goal. Giving up is the equivalent of failing, and if you keep giving up on yourself you won’t be able to accomplish anything. This attitude has spread into other areas such as academics, showing me that my improved work ethic was helping me mature. For any type of school work I tend to write more information than I actually need, which results in it taking longer for me to complete an assignment that normally doesn’t take very long to finish. My friends ask me why I write more than I have to; the answer is because it makes me feel content. I know that I don’t need to write as much as I do but if I don’t, I feel like I didn’t contribute enough or didn’t deliver all that I needed to. I’ve learned that it is better to...
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