Ciera Nicole Torres

Topics: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Human Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Ciera Nicole Torres
Period 5
The story of an abused child is greatly written by Dave Pelzer. A Child Called It, is a very intense, unforgettable story. It’s a story about Dave Pelzer trying to overcome the abuse of his mother. Dave’s mother was once a lovable woman, mother, who cared deeply about her children. Suddenly, Dave noticed a change in her. Soon, Dave would be the victim in his mother’s torturous game. These events normally would leave Dave nearly dead. He was hardly ever fed, and never dressed in clean clothes. As said before, Dave’s mother had played games with him leaving him nearly dead. One relative situation was when his mother sent him to go clean the bathroom and mixed chemicals ammonia and Clorox together and closed the door to seal him in. she did this so he would finishing cleaning in her due time. The reasons these torturous and brutal situations are important is because human beings should know this is no way to treat another human being.

Dave Pelzer is a significant person the events within the story. He wrote the book and was the main character. Dave was an abused child growing up and for him to put up with what his mother had done and continued to live is an astonishing revelation and significance. One fact learned while reading The Child Called It was that there are really strong people out there who can overcome any abuse given to them. Another thing learned is that through each struggle a person goes through, it is possible to overcome if you continuously believe in yourself and your own strength. A third thing taught me that you should always believe in yourself and your dreams. Dave Pelzer believed in himself enough to overcome his struggles. A Child Called It relates to the world now because even more child abuse has been reported in the US. More than 3.3 million children a year are reported to be abused, just like Dave, and he was only one story.

Dave Pelzer had overcome many conflicts and issues....
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