Cider House Rules

Topics: Charlize Theron, Nudity, Renaissance Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: October 26, 2005
The Cider House Rules

The movie, The Cider House Rules, contains many different themes and elements that could have been interpreted several different ways depending on the person and their distinct preference. Some themes that are present within the movie include the dilemma of abortion, the destiny of oneself, and other minor themes. These others which are spoken of, are not necessarily main themes, but none-the-less remain pertinent and relevant to the way a movie-goer views this film. The debate was once dwelled upon in class concerning the appropriateness or the so-called necessity of certain portions of the film. These certain portions to which are being referred are as follows: first, the sex scene in the woods; and second, the nudity of Charlize Theron in a later scene. So what do these particular scenes, displaying nudity and sexual references, add to the film? Is it for mere pleasure's sake that Charlize is revealed to the audience? Or is there a deeper meaning behind such a scene? I would argue to anyone that there truly is a deeper meaning behind such a scene.

Nudity in artwork has been occurring since a very early time. Ancient and more recent art has all contained some elements of sex and nudity. Are all men this twisted to portray the human form in its bare state? Or is there a point behind the revealing of the human figure? During the 6th Century, the ancient Greeks created several pieces of sculpture that lacked clothing, but not meaning. The purpose of the Greek nude art was to praise and almost glorify the perfection of the human form. Grecian art was called Classical art because of the main fact that they were obsessed with not nudity, but with the idealism that is present in everything. During that time, Polyclitus wrote the Canon, which defined to artists the measurements and proportions of the human figure. By giving the artists these measurements, the Greeks hoped to achieve idealism and perfection in all of their present and future...
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