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Case Study

Major Decision issues
•Review of repositioning, rebranding process started two years back in light of UNICEF evolving mission.
•Increasingly challenging donor environment, combining decline in multilateralism and increase in restricted funds.
•Providing greater clarity and consistency in communication strategy - To reflect what UNICEF stands for in a clear and focused way.
Recommendations/Inferences on Major issues
•Unicef, over five decades evolved from an organization which provided supplies and services to rights based organization. This change in positioning is not clearly communicated to external environment, specifically to the private donor community.

•Also, UNICEF is seen as extension to UN and is perceived as distant, institutional, cold, rigid, bureaucratic and cumbersome institution that had a role, but no longer projected leadership and hope. This image is quite different from what UNICEF wants to be and what they stand for.

Recommendations/Inferences on Major issues (Contd.)
•There is growing competition from other Child sponsorship organizations such as Save the Children and World Vision as UNICEF failed to communicate the PODs (Points of Difference) it has over these organizations. •Also, creation of global funds has increased restricted funds. UNICEF needs unrestricted funds for meeting its long-term projects and maintain operational field offices. If field capabilities are eroded because of unrestricted funds, then its ability to manage restricted funds will also be jeopardized. •There are three UNICEF – Head Quarters, National Committees and field offices. These three UNICEF see the brand in three different ways. There is need for greater clarity and consistency in communication with respect to target audiences.

•The above reasons necessitate repositioning and rebranding effort to reflect what UNICEF is and what it stands for.

•What makes UNICEF unique in comparison to other child sponsorship...
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