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Duties and Responsibilities of Squad

Your appearance must always be in line with CCR-670-1. It is also your responsibility to enforce and ensure your entire squad is also with this regulation. Carry out policies and standard of the performance, training, appearance and conduct of enlisted personnel. You will be required to maintain the standards outlined in AR 600-9 and FM 7-22. Arrive 10 minutes prior to any formation time or class. You are the immediate supervisor and contact for your squad. Presence is very important in a leadership position. Create and maintain a continuity book that you will use to do and hand-off with the new 1PLT SL on 15 October 2014 to ensure that they understand their duties and responsibilities. They need to receive all documents and notes that you have taken so they do not have to start from scratch upon taking over the position. Act as the Platoon Sergeant when he/she is not present or available. You will need to be proficient in duties and responsibilities before you take over in his/her absence. You are directly appointed accountable of all members in your squad. Get to know them on a personal level. Reflect yourself in a manner in which they are openly able to communicate with you. You will utilize your team leaders effectively; hold them accountable. You are not a one man team; appoint team leaders to assist you. When preparing block of instructions use a crawl—walk—run method in order to successfully engage and inform your squad members. Inform your PSG when a squad member should be recognized. You will be the first to recommend promotions or demotions. It is your absolute duty to exemplify the importance of leading others selflessly. Always do your best and perform your duties in a military manner. Adjusts and issues OPORD to Team Leaders (TLs). Disseminates all information to the SQD through TLs

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