Church Leaderhsip and Ministry Evaluation Paper

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CHMN 201
Church Leadership and Ministry Evaluation Paper
For this paper, I interviewed the pastor of Grace Life Baptist Church in Ruby Michigan, USA. Would you say that your congregation (or the people within your particular department or area of ministry) is “Living Out the Mind of Christ” (i.e. Unity, Humility, Selflessness) as they interact, serve, and minister to/with each other? How specifically do you as a ministry leader teach, cultivate, and maintain “The Mind of Christ” in your area of ministry? “At Grace Life we strive to be like Christ in every decision that is made.” Grace Life has had its difficulties; they started Grace Life from a church that split due to differing beliefs. Since the beginning of Grace Life they have strived to be the picture of Christ. As a body of believers, they have come to recognize that humility and selflessness should be at the core of all believers. “I put a strong emphasis on unity in our church, and I believe that through teaching about the humility and selflessness of Christ we will learn to be more inclined to have a mind of Christ.” Would you consider yourself a “Wounded Healer?” Also, would you please share an example where you have ministered to a person who is/was “wounded” in the same manner that you once were? (cf. II Corinthians 1:3-5) Being a “Wounded Healer” is something that all pastors like to believe that they are, however, being a “Wounded Healer” is much more than most pastors would admit that it is. Healing the wounded is not just showing them Christ; you have to disciple them as well. The pastor of Grace Life used to be in the Army and served with hundreds of lost people. Because of seeing so much in his time in the Army, he had lost his faith. His major wound came when his friend that he served with died in combat. It took him many years to realize that God was still in control and everything happened for a reason. He then started to witness to his friends that had gone through the...
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