Chua Cheng BokMr Chua Cheng Bok

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Chua Cheng Bok

Mr. Chua Cheng Bok was stated to be born in Malacca in 1800 era as the second son of immigrant family coming from Fukien (Fujian Province). His father Mr. Chua Toh (died in 1908) started his life as nutmeg dealer in his young age. He had five sons, Chua Cheng Tuan (the eldest), Chua Cheng Bok, Chua Cheng Hee, Chua Cheng Hock and Chua Cheng Liat. Following his older brother, Chua Cheng Tuan, Chua Cheng Bok worked in Riley, Hargreaves and Co (another article mention that they work in Federated Engineering) for few years to gain some experience. After they retired, they set their first own business Federal Stores before forming the Cycle and Carriage in Kuala Lumpur in 15th July 1899. In 1900s era Cycle and Carriage business are succeed to be spread around Malaysia and in 1926 opened its branch named C&C Co in Singapore. Chua Cheng Bok was known as philanthropist that gave a big contribution for country. Some famous building that being built by him are the oldest cinema building in Malaysia, Coliseum Theater and Café in Petaling Street, Chua Cheng Bok Building in Ipoh, and Bok House in Jalan Ampang (demolished in 2006). Bok House was known for its story that it was built for a daughter of rich man to impress his father (the statement later was rejected by one of Mr. Chua’s great-grandchildren Mr. Chua Wye Man, but wasn’t sure for its clarity). Before the end of his day he donate and upgrading any equipment for the Chua Cheng Bok Wards in the Chinese Maternity Hospital in Jalan Pudu. Chua Cheng Bok died in age 61 on April 25th 1940 in his residence in Ipoh, Malaysia. He was cremated in Sam Poh Tong Cave temple. He left a wife, a sons and daughters and grandchildrens.

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