Chronological and Functional Cv/Resume

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A Curriculum vitae (CV) is a document which includes education, experience, skills, and accomplishments that is used to apply for jobs. I shall discuss the two types of CV formats widely known and practiced.

I. Chronological CV
II. Functional CV

Chronological CV:

The chronological cv is the most traditional and the standard resume format. The word chronology means “time” and what you will be doing in a chronological cv is summarizing your work experience and education by time period, listing your most recent experience first.


* Emphasizes steady employment( no job-hopping)
* This format emphasizes prestigious employers.
* It is more familiar to interviewers and is the most widely and accepted cv format. * It’s the easiest cv format to write. Employment dates are usually listed first, from present to past, followed by job title, then name of organization, city and state


* Because this format highlights dates, it will quickly show the employer things like gaps in employment and frequent job changes. * It is difficult to show employers the “themes” which run through your experience- such as customer service experience, or stress and conflict handling experience.

Here is a sample:

Umbreen Kausar 
H# 93, I-9,|

Profile:| Ten years sales experience working my way up to managerial position. Highly successful and focused with strong customer relations, selling and managerial skills plus proven annual increased sales track record.|

Professional Experience:|

2005 - present| Sales Manager| The Shop, Fulham|

Responsible for a team of 8 staff. Managed the daily running of a large fashion retail store, which included buying stock, promoting clothes lines, coordinating sales and promotions, as well as training staff and communicating with customers. * Responsible...
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