Chronicles of Micheal

Topics: Video game, Video game genres, Game programmer Pages: 19 (5943 words) Published: March 3, 2013

A Thesis Proposal
Presented to
The Faculty of the College of Computer Studies
Cabuyao, Laguna

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree


March 2013

The Problem and Its Background

Now a day’s any student that has a computer related courses must learn to master computer programming, starting from the basic math, understanding a simple algorithm, language syntaxes, object oriented programming and so much more to cover. Some students are blessed with capabilities of deep or critical thinking some of those are not. Most of them tend to give up and move up to another course, just because they having a hard time to understand programming.

To be honest programming is not an easy subject but it can be thought. The skill that the professional programmers have is achieved by a lot of dedication and hard work. They have gone through a lot of hard work just to be on where they are. Almost all universities in the world have a computer related course. Many teachers are now begun to teach programming to students of every university. But the fact is that how well they teach programming or how well the students understand the lessons that their teacher have delivered. Students that are new to programming are having a hard time trying to understand the basics of it. Some are reading books and others are searching for tips and tutorials about programming. But more of them tend to give up because they can’t take how hard it is to program.

Unfortunately, students who use computers to study are being distracted of playing computer games. Instead of studying they usually spend a lot time on playing than doing their homework. But no, there are also good things that affect a student who is playing computer games.

Research is beginning to suggest that computer games can help to stimulate a successful learning environment and provide motivational learning contexts that suit many learners. They also provide an opportunity to develop communities in which learners have a sense of ownership over what they do.

Computer games encourage self-reliance and self-determination in terms of a learner’s ability to make progress within a demanding but incrementally staged environment. They also help them to appreciate that the skills necessary for success in games, such as problem solving and critical thinking, can have relevance in other curricular areas and other social contexts such as study or work. They also create an implicit and explicit understanding that as a learner on our own we can be good but as a learner in a connected team we can be much better.

Games have been played for thousands of years and are common to all cultures. Throughout history and around the world, people have used sticks to draw simple game boards on the ground, making up rules that incorporate stones or other common objects as playing pieces.

During the 1970s, arcades introduced the general public to video games. Rapid technical advances soon adapted the games for home use. American companies, such as Atari, led the home video-game invasion during the 1980s until Japanese companies used superior technology to supersede them and dominate the market.

Many modern games evolved over centuries. As games spread to different geographic regions, people experimented with rules, creating variants and often changing the original game forever.

Electronic games (video games and computer games) grew in popularity in the late 20th century, as the power of computers increased. In most electronic games, players use a keyboard, joystick, or some other type of game controller. Video games are played on specially designed arcade machines, handheld devices, or systems that are hooked to television screens. Computer games are played...
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