Chronicle of a Death Foretold Essay

Topics: Feeling, Family, Household Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Who is Santiago Nasar?
How would it feel if everyone else knew about your death except you? This is what happens to Santiago Nasar in Gabriel García Márquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Santiago Nasar’s character is presented by reflections of members of his household and close friends on his actions as the narrator interviews them. The reflections Márquez gives the reader to analyze and interpret allow them to create their own perception of Santiago Nasar.

Three of Santiago Nasar’s household members, Plácida Linero, Victoria Guzmán, and Divina Flor, each hold different opinions about him. Plácida Linero has a simple mother-son relationship with Santiago Nasar. Respect Santiago Nasar holds for his mother is shown by his father and him "not [speaking Arabic] in front of [her]" (Márquez 6). The love feels reciprocated when Plácida Linero tells the investigating judge "[her] son never [goes] out the back door when he [is] dressed up" (Márquez 11). This shows how well Plácida Linero knows her son. She also seems to be the only other person who does not know about the murder; that morning, before breakfast, Plácida Linero interprets the dream of Santiago Nasar, she found there to be birds in it and many years later she tells the narrator "any dream about birds means good health" which points to her unawareness of the murder (Márquez 4). Victoria Guzmán has a very different opinion of Santiago Nasar. While being his maid, she does not enjoy his company because he wants to have sex with her daughter and she believes he does not have a very likable personality. Victoria Guzmán shows her hatred of him when "[she shows] him the bloody knife" and she threateningly informs him "[he will not] have a drink of that water as long as [she] lives" (Márquez 8). Márquez proves this further when the beggar comes to their door asking for milk in exchange for information regarding Santiago Nasar's death and Victoria Guzmán claims she "[thinks] it [is] drunkards talk" so she...
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