Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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5.List the characters in Ch. 1 and identify them in relation to the narrator, Santiago Nasar or the town. Placida Linero- Santiago Nasar's mother.
Maria Alejandrina Cervantes- She is the town whore and has slept with the narrator and Santiago Nasar each, many a time. The Bishop- Going to visit the town where Santiago Nasar and the narrator both lived, although "he hates this town" (pg. 8). Victoria Guzman- The cook for Santiago Nasar and his family at their house. Divina Flor- Victoria Gunman's daughter and Santiago Nasar's love interest. Ibrahim Nasar- Santiago Nasar's father.

Clotilde Armenta- Owner of the milk shop in town where Pedro and Pablo waited to kill Santiago. Pedro and Pablo Vicario- The twins who are going to and end up killing Santiago. Margot- Narrators sister, who was with Santiago Nasar on the dock where he was killed, she was one of the only ones who didn't know he was going to be murdered. Father Carmen Amador- Priest in the town who performs the autopsy on Santiago Nasar after he was murdered. Cristo Bedoya- A friend of the narrator and Santiago Nasar, he was on the pier with Santiago waiting for the bishop, and where Santiago was killed. Flora Miguel- The lover of Santiago Nasar, who he was going to marry. Don Lazarro Aponte- Town Mayor for eleven years.

Angela Vicario- The one who got married, sister of the twins, maybe had a sexual relationship with Santiago Nasar which is the reason for his murder by the twins. Pura Vicario- The mother of the twins and of Angela, and also a blood relative of the narrator's mother. Luisa Santiaga- Narrator's mother and god-mother of Santiago Nasar. Jaime- Narrator's younger brother.

Narrator's father- Narrators father.

5.Create a time line of events, which unfold first?
Chapter 1
The day that Santiago is going to be killed he wakes up at 5:30 to wait for the bishop's boat to arrive. That nigh he had dreamed about trees.
Santiago left his house at five minutes past six.
The narrator wakes up in the lap of Maria Alejandrina Cervantes from the sound of the town bells. Santiago put on a shirt and pants of white linen.
Santiago goes to his mother's room to get some aspirin for his headache where he tells her of his dream. Santiago goes into the kitchen and receives a mug of coffee from Divina Flor. Santiago grabs Divina by the wrist when she comes to take his mug. Victoria Gunman tells him to get his hands off of her. The town awakes with the sound of the bishop's steamboat arriving. The twins are waiting at the front door to kill Santiago.  Victoria and Divina had been warned of the twin's plans at 5 o'clock by a woman who came to beg for a bit of milk. Santiago Nasar is led to the front door by Divina Flor, although it is usual barred he always uses it when he is dressed up. Santiago grabs Divina's whole pussy and leaves.

As he left the house the "boat stopped tooting and the cocks began to crow" (pg. 13). Divina Flor leaves the front door unlocked so that Santiago could come in, in case of an emergency. As Santiago Nasar leaves there is a envelope on the floor which contains a letter as to Pedro and Pablo's exact plans to kill him. However neither Santiago nor Divina see the envelope. Santiago leaves his house at 6 o'clock, as many people are running to the dock to greet the bishop. At this time the two men who are waiting to kill Santiago Nasar are waiting at the town milk shop. They were sleeping on benches holding the knives which they were going to kill him with wrapped in newspapers. This was the first slept they had had since Friday and had not stopped drinking since that time either. They...
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