Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Topics: Marriage, Sibling, Murder Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: August 25, 2009
Sarah Winter
Silver 1 World Literature
Angela Vicario is responsible for the murder of Santiago Nasar. Although it was her twin brothers that committed the actual crime, the reasons behind their murder come directly from their beautiful sister Angela. While it wasn’t Angela who directly murdered Santiago, she is just as guilty as the rest. Angela is complacent and also participated in the solicitation of the murder of Santiago Nasar. The marriage between Bayardo San Roman and Angela Vicario set a strong foundation for the murder. If the marriage between Bayardo and Angela had never occurred, Santiago Nasar would still be alive. Ever since Angela was a child, she faced a strong pressure to get married. “The girls had been reared to get married.” (Page 31) It is notable that Angela was the prettiest of her three sisters and several men desired her. Many men were interested in marrying her, especially Bayardo San Roman, but Angela was not interested in marrying unless she was in love. “Angela Vicario never forgot the horror of the night on which her parents and her older sisters with their husbands gathered together in the parlor, imposed on her the obligation to marry a man whom she had barely seen.” (Page 24) Bayardo, on the other hand, was determined to marry her and in a hurry to do so. Their engagement lasted only six months, and their marriage lasted not even one night. “No one would have thought, nor did anyone say, that Angela Vicario wasn’t a virgin.” (Page 37) Her family was incredibly protective of her and “She’d grown up along with her sisters under the rigor of a mother of iron.” (Page 37) Angela Vicario was terribly naïve for going into this marriage without her virginity. She had been distressed but eventually listened to her two confidantes. “They assured her that almost all women lost their virginity in childhood accidents and that even the most difficult of husbands resigned themselves to anything as long as nobody knew about...
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