Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Topics: Family, Kill, Morality Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: December 16, 2008
The loss of honor by Angela Vicario motivated the killing of Santiago Naser in Chronicle of a Death Foretold. One way this motivated Santiago’s death was the Vicario family’s moral values, Mrs. Vicario, the twins, and Angela’s not caring at all. Another way that Angela’s honor motivated Santiago’s death was how the church and state handled knowing about the killing. Lastly the town’s people reaction to Angela’s honor also motivated Santiago’s killing.

Honor viewed by the Vicario family helped influence in the killing of Santiago Naser. Pura Vicario Angela’s mother had very strict moral values. Pura didn’t allow her daughters to go out without a proper escort with them. She especially did this with Angela. When Angela was brought back home after four hours of being married because her husband found out she wasn’t still a virgin when they married. Pura beat Angela for hours because she disgraced the family by having intercourse with someone before she got married. Angela’s twin brothers Pablo and Pedro were told by Pura that they avenge their sister’s honor. The twins’ moral values were that they had to bring back honor to the family name because their sister brought it shame. So they felt that they had to go out and kill Santiago Naser for deflowering their sister. Angela’s moral values were the total opposite of her mother’s being that she didn’t really care about moral values at all. She didn’t think much about what was going to her after her mother beat her ““I was no longer frightened,” she said “On the contrary: I felt as if the drowsiness of death had finally been lifted from me, and the only thing I wanted for it all to be over quickly so I could flop down and go to sleep.””.(p47)

The second reason that motivated Santiago’s death was how honor was viewed by the legal institutions of the town. The priest of the town Father Amador “received Clotilde Armenta’s message and others more peremptory while he was getting ready to go to the docks. “The truth...
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