Chromosome Mapping

Topics: DNA, Genetics, Human genome Pages: 2 (1296 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Chromosome Mapping
Diana Mackenzie

Chromosome mapping is a key tool in modern biology from deciding which chromosomes contain which diseases to which ancestor the diseases may have come from. This leaves the question of how mapping works and the importance of it. The mapping allows for a much closer look into chromosomes and how they function. Since each human has 50,000 genes expressed knowing where to find them and how they operate becomes much more important in understanding human biology. CITATION Vic91 \l 1033 (Mckusick, 1991). It also led to a much larger understanding of the recombination of the X-Chromosome and the way traits are passed on from each ancestor. This work helped lead to the Human Genome Project later on as well. Main Body:

The first question that needs to be answered is, what is chromosome mapping exactly? Well Chromosome mapping is a test that determines which segment of DNA comes from which family member. CITATION Wik14 \l 1033 (Wiki, 2014) It is also used to track diseases on specific Chromosomes. The first step to understanding chromosome mapping is in understanding how it is the chromosomes themselves, work. Each Chromosome is made up of tightly coiled DNA. “We can further divide the chromosomes using special stains that produce stripes known as a banding pattern.” This banding pattern is what allows scientists to identify and label chromosomes. CITATION NCB98 \l 1033 (NCBI, 1998) The Mapping of Chromosomes is simply done by tracking certain gene transmission. “Recall that if two genes are located close to each other on the same chromosome, it is less likely that a recombination event will occur between them during gamete formation… to map genes to specific chromosomes, scientists needed to identify other phenotypes associated with previously mapped genes that cosegregated with alleles of the gene they were trying to map” CITATION Hei08 \l 1033 (Chial, 2008) This basically explains how the tracking of...

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