Chromosome 6

Topics: Organ transplant / Pages: 5 (1059 words) / Published: Apr 14th, 2011
Chromosome 6 This book is more or less two stories being told at the same time and then morphing together towards the end. It begins at a doctor's office in New York with the main characters Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery. They are presented with a case concerning the murder of a mob member, Carlo Franconi. They are rudely awakened when they go in for the autopsy and the Franconi body is missing. This intrigues Laurie and she is on a mission to find out who stole the body. While this is taking place in New York, Kevin Marshall from Equatorial Guinea is working on transgenic research with bonobos at GynSys. He deals with chromosome 6, particularly the short arm. Making these changes, he creates doubles for over 60 people and currently has doctors searching for more partners and patients/clients. He is faced with the harsh realities of how human-like the bonobos truly are. In his research, he is aided by Melanie Becket and Candace Brickman who are two women from the companies business. Kevin sees smoke one day coming from the island where the bonobos are isolated and this sparks his interest. As the book progresses, Jack gets the case of a "floater" where the body has been beheaded, the hands had been removed and it had multiple gun shot wounds. He has to identify the body and figure out how he was killed. He discovers what he thinks has been a liver transplant and asks for multiple tests to be done. Meanwhile, Laurie request a tape of the Franconi murder. When it arrives, she analyzes the recording so much that she makes the connection from the Franconi murder to the floater. This concerns her even more and when she goes venturing out to figure out who stole the body she gets beaten up because the thieves find out she is searching for them. When more abnormal things begin to happens such as bonobos not moving when they are being tracked on the tracker Kevin, Candace and Melanie decide to go to the island to check things out for themselves, even though they

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