Chromosomal And Human Inheritance

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Chromosomal and human inheritance

1. An AABb individual is mated with another AABb individual. The possible number of genetically different kinds of offspring is _____.
a. 3
b. 2
c. 9
d. 4
e. 1
2. The most common phenotype in a natural population is referred to as the _____.
a. Mutant phenotype
b. Wild type
c. Liked gene
d. Autosome
e. Genotype
3. The most common lethal genetic disease in the United States is _____.
a. PKU
b. Huntington’s disease
c. Sickle-cell disease
d. Hemophilia
e. Cystic fibrosis
4. An important technique that helps provide insight into interesting genetic questions at the molecular level, such as reasons for hairless dogs, is called _____.
a. Testcross
b. DNA sequencing
c. Genetic testing
d. Pedigree development
e. Inbreeding
5. A red bull is crossed with a white cow and all of the offspring are roan, a shade between red and white. This is an example of genes that are _____.
a. Nonhomologous
b. Codominant
c. Incompletely dominant
d. Epistatic
e. Completely dominant
6. Flower color in snapdragons is an example of incomplete dominance. If a red-flowered plant is crossed with a white-flowered plant, the F1 generation has pink flowers. If a pink-flowered plant is crossed with a pink-flowered plant, the progeny plants will be __________.
a. 50% pink and 50% red
b. 25% red, 50% pink, and 25% white
c. 100% pink
d. 25% white and 75% red
e. 100% red
7. A man who has type B blood and a woman who has type A blood could have children of which of the following phenotypes?
a. A, B, or O
b. AB or O
c. A or B only
d. AB only
e. A, B, AB, or O
8. If one parent is blood type AB and the other is type O, what fraction of their offspring will be blood type A?
a. 0.25
b. 1.0
c. 0.5
d. 0.75
e. 0.0
9. Which of the following matings can produce a child with blood type AB? The letters refer to blood types (phenotypes).
a. OxO
b. AxB
c. AxA
d. OxA
e. BxB
10. A woman with type O blood is expecting a child. Her husband is type A. Both the woman's father and her

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