Christopher Reeve in Superman

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Katie Krutul
Christopher Reeve

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Does anyone know who I am referring to? B. Central Idea: History remembers Christopher Reeve As" the man of steel", he is also the man who founded the "Christopher Reeve Paralysis foundation" Now, As Superman he acted as a superhero who served the people, But in real life he served as chairman of the American paralysis association, and while his foundation raised funds for biomedical research, he acts as a champion for the disabled today... C. Credibility:

1. I have researched this topic
2. I work in the medical field.

D. Goodwill:
1. Share the mission statement for the Reeve foundation.

E. Preview of Main Points: Today I will be talking about two main points in Christopher Reeve’s life. He was first seen to the world as Superman. He was involved in a tragic horseback riding accident that lead him to be paralyzed from the waist down. He started a foundation for research on spine and paralysis.

II. Main Point 1 –History
A. Reeve’s early life
B. Reeve’s rise to fame
C. The accident

III. Transition- On October 16, 1995 he accepted an award from The Creative Coalition.

IV. Main Point 2 – Impact
A. Used his money to start more research for spine injuries. B. His foundation

V. Conclusion
A. Review of Main Points: today you now know that Christopher reeve is not only responsible for providing great entertainment but also providing a great public service
B. Closing Comments:
1. he will always be known as superman
2. Superman Tribute video
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