Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Native Americans in the United States, Columbus Day Pages: 4 (1429 words) Published: January 6, 2014

Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain?

Dear Milford Board of Education,
Was Christopher Columbus really the hero that everyone perceived him as? Or was he really just a scoundrel who was not accepting of others? And should we celebrate Columbus Day or should we not? Most are innocent to the facts about Columbus believe that Columbus is a hero, but I’m not that naive. I believe that Christopher Columbus was more of a villain than a hero. Although he discovered the Americas and he followed his dreams, there are quite a few historical events and pieces of evidence that proves him to be more of a villain than hero. He regarded the Native Americans as inferior and cruelly, as well as his crew, he was inept at math and at being governor, and he was disrespectful and selfish towards the king and the Native Americans. I don’t know about you, but I believe those are the makings of villain, and not the makings of someone who should be celebrated. An example of Columbus’ villainess acts was his cruelty towards his crew members and the Native Americans. Christopher Columbus miscalculated the amount of days and miles it would take to get to the New World. So the supplies he took with him for himself and his crew ran out before the voyage was over. After the supplies ran out, the crew began to starve and became ill. Instead of doing what would be in the best interest for his crew, like stopping somewhere for them to recuperate or bringing them home, Columbus forced his crew to continue on the journey. So to recap, it was Columbus’ miscalculation that made them run out of supplies and made them get sick, but instead of delaying the expedition by a couple weeks or even a few days to recover, he constrained his crew to endure the rest of the trip. He neglected the needs of his crew when they needed him. If he couldn’t even show compassion and understanding towards his own crew, there is no way he could show any type of kindness to strangers, like the Native Americans....
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