Christopher Columbus Evaluation

Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Christopher Columbus, New World Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Christopher Columbus:
An Evaluation of Contributions and Personality

Who was the navigator, colonizer, and explorer extraordinaire that fearlessly journeyed the seas and “discovered” the great “New World”? It was Christopher Columbus, of course! However, in reality, Columbus didn’t actually discover the Americas. Rather, he traveled to an already-inhabited land with not-so-civilized inhabitants, and expropriated both the land, and the indigenous people. By doing this, he brought settlers from Europe, who helped take over the land, causing plenty of suffering and havoc, but also completing the map and transforming life for people around the world. Some believe he was a hero, and some believe he was a monster. However, one man’s gain is another’s loss in most cases. Columbus brought change, both good and bad, through his actions, which defined his character and personality.

Columbus’s journey to the Americas sowed seeds of change and revolution for people all over the world. More people came to the “New World” to settle, and natives were brought to Europe, and more exotic tastes were introduced to both hemispheres; cattle, sugar, and pigs to the West, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, and cocoa to the East. New animals, especially the horse, changed everyday life for Native Americans, and written language spread the continent, replacing either a complicated system of hieroglyphics or nothing at all. Soon, people from all over the globe began arriving in great numbers, and the continent became a successful beacon of hope for many.

Of course, with the up rise of some came the downfall of others. The indigenous people of the New World could not resist the conquistadors’ most devastating weapon: disease. Millions were wiped out by smallpox alone, and many were so ill that they could not resist the European conquest. The natives were not the only ones who suffered. Back in Europe, people started suffering from syphilis with the return of the conquistadors. Tobacco, its...
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