Christopher Columbus

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, United States Pages: 4 (948 words) Published: November 25, 2014
Andre Roberts
Professor Dockswell
AMH 2010
14 November 2014
Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is known for discovering the “new-world”, including America and other countries. Although, there is a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not he should be dubbed as the person who discovered America. It is only said that he discovered America because no one in Europe had ever been to America before. Columbus was doubted by his King and his Queen to even survive the trip. However, when Columbus came back and showed the King and Queen the 12 Taino tribesman he kidnapped, they started funding expeditions for explorers such as himself and John Cabot, they also started making profit off local products such as rice tobacco and sugar, and slowly killing the natives with their diseases while doing this (Early American slavery quotes).

To begin, Christopher Columbus is and was in his time know to be a great explorer. However when he approached King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela about sailing east for Asia, they were very skeptical as to if he would survive the journey and waste their money. So, they gave him three ships (Nina and Pinta and Santa Maria) (Early American slavery quotes). And also any man who was imprisoned and wanted to volunteer. No man wanted to join him but they would later change their minds after he comes back. Continuing, when Columbus did land in the Americas, the indigenous people were very friendly, and even according to Columbus ““They brought us barrels of cotton thread and parrots and other little things which it would be tedious to list, and exchanged everything for whatever we offered them…”(Early American slavery quotes). However, Columbus did not have same mentality, and his intention was to “make them do whatever we want” (Early American slavery quotes). Furthermore, he was not successful in finding gold but he did not want to go back to the King and Queen empty-handed. So he kidnapped 12 Taino tribesmen and forced them to...

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