Pages: 4 (905 words) / Published: Feb 27th, 2013
By: Jazzy Rejel A. Goloso ABGC-I

Have you ever wondered if peoples’ names have any real value or significance? If it has any connection to our inner selves, and most specially our souls? A person's name matters a lot more than we might think; names are given to us which we wear like a label through most of our lives. This is something that allows us to distinguish one from another in speech and writing, but it is truly nothing more than a label and seldom has any true energetic connection to who or what we are. A name can be generally termed as something by which a certain thing possesses the quality of being known so that it establishes its distinctive identity and existence in the scheme of things. Therefore, a name is the very base of the being of something. A name is more than a label. It’s a description of who you are and what your path and purpose in this experience is, was and will be. It is the perfect energetic compliment to your understanding of this experience for yourself; your role, your relationships to others, basically everything about you. “A name powerfully symbolizes character and importance. “

There are first name, middle name, last name, surname, nick name, family name, given name and etc. when the reference is to people. A surname is usually inherited and, while it may be changed, some form of it is usually retained. Given names are more important in a way because they represent a voluntary choice by the parents or, sometimes, by an individual. By all means, a name is usually not given lightly. My Name Is JAZZY REJEL AGUILLON GOLOSO

MEANING "Jazzy" This name is believed to have an American origin which means “Fragrant Flower”. Its meaning and origin came from a variantof the Persian Yasmin (Jasmine). "Jazzy" usually means "unconventional" or "unusual”, to stand out and are different from the people around you in a good way. Jazzy personality -means you are outgoing, talkative, funny, and fun to be around. Jazzy

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